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Project Azalea engages a wide range of cultural groups and build lasting, trusting relationships through communication, media outlets and community events. We plan to break cultural walls by connecting diverse people through a common thread; a thread of hope, love and drive. Hope in things that are unseen. Love for this environment and the people within it. Drive to accomplish not only the tasks at hand but also finding where more tasks need to be done. Creating a sense of belonging reassures your identity and importance in the world.  We are ready to engage.






We want to create a positive and intriguing connotation of Mobile and surrounding areas.  Filled with talented unheard ofs, unique phenoms, and extraordinary ambitions, we are immersed in greatness. Project Azalea marvels at the potential and wants to showcase the finished work by building brands and companies. We are motivating success in every aspect, unbiased of personal preference.  The complacent raw talent dwelling in this area will be restored through imaginative vessels. We are that vessel.






Challenging the average and never accepting the mediocre. Project Azalea hopes to influence greatness by promoting positive productivity while staying pertinent. We will serve as a platform for not only upcoming local businesses and artistry but also events that cater to inspiring communication and meaningful information. Making a lasting impression that ignites something phenomenal on the inside, Project Azalea plans to catapult others. The Port City is gaining momentum and producing compelling works in many aspects; We are.  




A letter from the Executive Editor