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All Fun And Games

While spending over 10 years away from her hometown, De’Attra Hicks-Battles expanded her interests in areas ranging from nursing and hospital management to retail and higher education focusing on psychology. She eventually honed her skills to entrepreneurship…back in Mobile.

Mrs. D opened Game Station and Lounge in 2019 as a place for kids to hang out, learn about gaming and coding and tutor during the after school hours.

“I think kids usually hang out at rec centers but it’s mostly based around sports. A lot of kids are not into sports, you know they're into electronic stuff,” stated Mrs. D.

GSL brings something new and fresh to the Mobile area by being one of the few lounges geared toward children ages 17 and under with a focus in gaming. Their goal is to teach children the components of gaming from beginning to end while also providing after school care and tutoring.

While gaming is a major component of GSL, Mrs. D’s bigger passion is the children of GSL.

Working with children was not on her radar while living the fast lifestyle of NYC for years; however, once back home in Mobile, her plans drastically changed.

“I’ve surprised myself and I guess God had different plans,” Mrs. D jokes. GSL offers a variety of things all focusing on children.

Young and Hungry has become a lifestyle for Mrs. D. Since opening, she has flipped a school bus into a party bus, gutted an empty warehouse into a kid’s game lounge and built relationships with MCPSS for Spring Flings and more.

“I’m going to eat and grind it out regardless of whatever it takes; by any means necessary,” Mrs. D stated. Her passion for kids and building relationships among them is what pushes her to work harder and build GSL everyday.

“When you’re hungry, you’re going to get up and go get it,” she explained. “I think that is a great description of me. I don’t take no as an answer”

Game Station and Lounge is located at 3716 Moffett Road, right next door to Tattoo Zone and across from Hardee’s. After school care is Monday-Friday 2pm-6pm. GSL also offers event space for private parties and events such as baby and bridal showers, birthday parties and more during the weekend hours, by appointment only.

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