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Art Meets Music

The correlation between music and art is as strong as any other healthy relationship; a parent- child bond, romantic relationship or even brotherly love. Both expressions are often formed through some of the same emotions and creative patterns. For centuries, people have been using art and music as a way to communicate, tell stories or express feelings. When it comes to music and painting, Bobby “ItsBJ” Jiles has no problem showcasing himself through both art forms.

At the young age of twelve, BJ developed a passion for the visual arts.

“ To be honest I always drew. I used to draw in church, I would grab those little pamphlets and look around the church and just draw people,” explained BJ.

He would flip through magazines searching for something to spark his interest. Once he found a page that grabbed his imagination, he would draw and recreate the photo in his own style. His interest in music was not too far behind. As a child, BJ used music to often fuel his creativity while drawing or painting. By doing so, BJ realized the two expressions can coexist and bring forth his raw and brilliant creations.

“I started to listen to music as I would draw,” stated BJ. “ It used to make me feel like… I can draw for days.”

Entering into his teen years, BJ was invited to a music studio by some of his friends. Shortly after, he learned how to write rhymes and lay bars. As BJ grew and developed his skills as a artist and lyricist, his sound and art work begin to become recognized across the Gulf Coast. As a young adult, his focus shifted more towards his music and establishing himself as a dominant rapper from this area. During this time, BJ never neglected his first passion. He kept his drawing skills sharp and developed by designing custom clothing and shoes.

When asked where does he see his artistic expressions in the future he responds “ Within the next year I want to do more and put more out. Looking at the next ten years, I wanna create a place where the youth can go, that teaches art and the latest technologies.”

Using everyday situations and circumstances, BJ always finds a way to be inspired by life. His music and art are definitely reflections of himself. We all can be distracted by the outside world, loved ones, music, etc but having the ability to use these things as influencers is a raw talent.

“ We do so much moving around and our minds are constantly going, but when I’m doing music or painting and drawing it seems like the world just stops,” stated BJ.

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