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Letter from the editor: Death Lessons

Mourning the loss of a loved one is always a touching experience, however it can be handled differently when you know they have lived a full, loving life. Recently, I lost my grandfather at the ripe age of 90 and all I can think about is how much life he got to relish in. Imagine encountering racial tension in the 50’s and then being able vote for the first black president. Watching Blount High School football (and championships) with your family for over 40 years every Friday night. His death has put into perspective things we should always remember and take heed to.

1. Make the most of EVERY opportunity.

If you deliver newspapers, do it efficiently and effectively. If you serve in a cafeteria, greet every guest with a smile. Regardless of what you are doing, ALWAYS do it to the best of your ability. You never know who you may encounter at your job, whose life you are positively influencing or how divine favor is working its way to you. Never let someone tell you that it is not worth it. It is all intentional.

2. Family is more than just the people related to you.

It is a collection of people who share the same beliefs, traditions and love of common things. Family can be a group of friends or business partners who have your best interest in mind. It is the person you talk to every morning before work on the train, the people who help you through difficult times, EVERY time or even the people you interact with every Friday night at the football games.

3. Loyalty is a MUST to create lasting relationships.

Some things should simply not change, such as your barber, hygiene products or MUA, unless deemed necessary. If you have a trusting relationship with people you are opening doors to unlimited opportunities only they can provide. Do not sway with the crowd or a trend. Stay true to the things you know and reap the benefits.

4. Stand Up.

Be honest when he/she asks how you feel about the relationship. Tell your boss you deserve a raise and tired of playing 2nd place to a lesser qualified person. Do not hide you boldness and true self because you are afraid of what others think. If a “friend” has hurt you in a way where you can not move forward, let them know and then move forward. You can not live your own life always catering to those around you. Be strong and fearless in your endeavors.

5. Be Real

No matter how many times you hear it, it is just so hard to come by. So instead of trying to fix others, fix yourself. Be real with yourself and real will find you. Remember, what you give out is what you will receive back. Be true to yourself and those around you will notice and will either get with it or get lost. Look around you and notice the people who gravitate towards you. Why do they feel so comfortable around you? What vibes are you sending out?

It is so fulfilling when we know we have done all we could to live a full life. Do not let this life pass you by. Understand the truth and realness in not everyone woke up today, but you did. There is something out there just for you. Although you may get rerouted, it is still there. Build a network to catapult your dreams, even if it starts in the smallest of your ventures. Keep in mind that with a family of loved ones and confidence in yourself, impossible is nothing.

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