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Letters from the editor: Generosity

Generous - providing more than the amount that is needed or normal, abundant or ample; freely giving or sharing other valuable things.

Never underestimate generosity. A small kind act can start a movement impacting millions of people. Think of how touched we are when we see viral videos of children feeding the homeless or a CEO surprising their workers with a bonus. Generosity is a tiny act of a much greater value.

The magnificent thing about being generous is the sincerity in it. You do not have to donate millions or give away the rights to your first born to have an intentional influence. These gestures do not require an act of Congress, but simply an open heart, humble spirit and devoted cause. Generosity reminds us that love is out there and it is real. It warms up the cold areas in our life when we thought no one was watching.

We must act on every opportunity to spread kindness and love, in generous amounts. This should not be done for popularity or self gain. It is strictly limited to the advancement of others that may lack the needed resources. Generosity can heal wounds and restore hope, so never think your act is too small or will not make a difference.

Recently, I was the recipient of a generous act and I can not begin to explain to you the amount of gratitude I have for this complete stranger. They have just earned another prayer warrior, best friend and invites to EVERY family function. With your random acts of generosity, you have no idea how many people you leave your impression on. This person captivated everyone close to me and now has another family to meet and a divine connection to things unheard of.

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