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SS For Everyone

Urbanwear has moved to the forefront of fashion and within the Port City, we have a variety of brands to choose from. From sweatpants and hoodies to letterman jackets and beanies, the urban wear in Mobile brings not only comfort but also style.

Secret Scientist is one brand catering to every age, race and gender. For years, they have provided urban streetwear to the city of Mobile and have since expanded to other states including Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. Recently, SS began their “SS is for Everybody” campaign highlighting people in our community who have supported them while making an impact in the city.

Owner, Tony Davis showcased his love for all of his supporters with a SS is for Everybody brunch that was a true experience. With a flamethrower, 360 photo booth and even a Moko Jumbie, the brunch was truly something to remember.

“SS is for everybody. We don’t have a demographic, white, black, Asian, short, tall, gay. Straight. It doesn’t matter, you can wear [it].” Davis states.

The brunch provided the opportunity for the city to network and socialize with people from an eclectic spectrum of work fields. The Fort was filled with bloggers, entrepreneurs and 9-5ers all soaking in the uniqueness of this brand and the city.

The brunch was SS’s way of saying thank you to Mobile and merging new relationships. Davis states, “With the right people, you can bring everybody together.” When asked what he wanted to say to his supporters, Davis replied, “I love y’all.”

SS truly is for everybody.

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