A Family Effort

On my journey to discover some of the best cuisine throughout Mobile, Ala., I stumbled across a local diner with wings that taste so good you might just end up eating the bones. With the catch phrase,“I aint no dog but I’m bout to eat these bones!”, Atlanta Hot Wings & More has built a reputation of being one of the top ranked wings places, by locals throughout the city. Aundra Dennis, better known as Dre, is the mastermind behind it all. In 2002, they were known as “A.T.L. Hot Wings & Burgers”; however, after a hiatus, the diner relocated and reinvented themselves in 2013 with a new name, Atlanta Hot Wings & More.

Inquiring minds are always curious why the name Atlanta Hot Wings for a diner located in the heart of Mobile. “I lived in Atlanta back in the 90s’ and all I really had enough money for was wings,” explained Dennis. He then added, “plus wings is just that damn good.” When he relocated back to Mobile, Dre brought his favorite food item and a creative idea on how to share his love for wings with the people of the city.

The diner is operated by Dre, his twin boys, Andrew and Aundra Dennis, and a few other family members. When asked what benefits his sons receives from the diner, “All of it. My desire was to build something that eventually my sons will be able to pass down to their kids,” stated Dre. His response was what you would expect from a loving father.

Believe me when I tell you these wings truly are special. The most popular wing flavor on the menu is hot lemon pepper. A unique combination blending the zesty taste of lemon pepper and the fiery kick of traditional hot wings. “This flavor was created right here,” Dre states.

After sitting down with the Project Azalea crew and eating a wing plate from Atlanta Hot Wings, I agree, “I ain’t no dog but I’m bout to eat these bones.”

by A. J. Crenshaw

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