Drive Like A Boss


“What did you do before this?” I asked The Touch Up Beauty Studio salon owner, Elesia B. Looking at the smooth, passionate purple wall and nicely shined, black chairs, she stared up at the ceiling and took a long pause before answering. She stated, “Nothing. After I attended Bishop State and Fortis College, I got my natural hair stylist license.” It was after this when she started to look for a shop she could call her own. Just months after searching, Elesia B. found a building on the corner of Broad and Shawnee Street and began The Touch Up Beauty Studio in Mobile, Ala.

As owner of The Touch Up, Elesia B. did not get to where she is alone. With the help of her spiritual beliefs and assistance by many family and friends, she is grateful for not only these people but also the place she is now. “I had a good support system,” Elesia B. said. When she decided to let go and let God, Elesia B. believes that is when things started to shift. Someone dear to her told her to make a plan and make it plain. One day, when she got through making her plan, she left it and let God revise it to his perfection. The following day, Elesia B. received a call about a building she could get to start the beginning of the many goals she wishes to accomplish.


With deep roots in Mobile, Elesia B. does not plan to leave the city. She stated, “Mobile is about to blow up!” Elesia believes many people are about to migrate here to benefit from the great changes happening. “There is no need to move away when there is so much talent and creativity here in Mobile,” explains Elesia B.

Having the luxury of doing things the way she wants them done by being her own boss, Elesia B. finds working under someone else difficult to do. As a beautician, she believes there are many attributes a person should have to be successful in this position. “You need to have the mentality that nothing will stop you,” stated Elesia B.

Although many mishaps occurred to deter her from her goals, she did not let them stop her. She continued to push through because she knew this was her destiny. In all, Elesia B. would like to have a total of three businesses, one in Daphne, Ala., and another built from the ground up in Houston, Texas.

When asked about her legacy, Elesia B. responded. " I want to change the world one eyebrow at a time."

by Brittany Jones

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