Gemini Studioz

Geminis are extremely independent. They cannot be confined by the rules or by anyone. They need to experience what life has to offer. Change and freedom are crucial in the life of a Gemini; they will never let mediocrity or dullness dictate them. A sense of recreation and new experiences is essential to the Gemini’s mental well being.

After interviewing Gemini Studioz’s owner, Ayla Goodson, I would say all these characteristics describe her perfectly. Goodson is a jack of all trades. After graduating with a degree in accounting, she ventured to Houston for a corporate atmosphere but soon found the work less than amusing. While residing there, she attended numerous pole fitness classes and felt Mobile was missing out. Moving back to Mobile, Goodson left her corporate job to pursue her love of dancing and people.

Firstly, I wanted to know what inspires Ayla and Gemini Studioz. She humbly replied, “The children. I feel that young girls need to have the opportunity to dream. I want to let them know that I am no different from anybody and that you can do whatever you set your mind too.”

Sometimes, we can come across people that are negative; however it was quite refreshing to meet a young entrepreneur about her business. Inspired by her humbleness and hunger for greatness, Ayla wants to restore the dreams of young girls.

“I would have never thought in a million years that I would open my own studio. Letting these little girls know this information is giving them the opportunity to dream big and to follow their dreams,” said Goodson.

With intensity and passion, her business motto is to empower the youth and women. Offering a range of activities including fitness body sculpting, deep stretching and conditioning, cheerleading, zumba and intro pole fitness classes, Gemini Studioz is a place for everyone. I asked Ayla what emotion she wants her customers to feel at the end of her classes. “I want my customers to feel empowered,” replied Goodson.

The message Ayla is trying to prove everyday is something we can all take on, to empower each other and to be good to our physical body and mental health.

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