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What does Funky Fat Friday, turntables and a great mix of music have in common? A great DJ! Local DJ J­Walk is no newbie to the game. Mobile born and raised, Justin Walker, also known as DJ J­Walk, has been on the scene since he was young.

“It all started when I was younger when I use to help DJ Rodski with his equipment at Chastang Middle School parties as well as listening to Funky Fat Friday on the radio,” stated Walker.

This sparked an early passion for DJing. His first gig was in high school, where he worked a classmate’s graduation party. It was there he realized he was actually good and what he once called a hobby soon turned into a job he loves.

Once J­Walk got into college, he decided to take DJing seriously. Some of his events include DJing at Greek parties, Jaguar Production events as well as being the mastermind behind the annual “Battle of the DJ’s” at the University of South Alabama.

His love for all genres of music makes him stand out from other DJ’s. His diversity and versatility allows for him to land an array of huge events from Mardi Gras Balls to weddings.

However, his favorite events consist of mixed age crowds. His creativity can please all age groups within one event. “You cannot put me in a box," stated J­Walk. By feeding off of the crowd’s energy, his particular style tends to be original and crowd pleasing.

When asked what is his main goal while he’s DJing his response, “To make people as tired as possible.”

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According to J­Walk, in order to be successful in the DJing business you must be passionate about it and surround yourself with great DJs. Some of his mentors include well known DJs whom he had the privilege to shadow.

“When I started, I shoved myself under DJs who were doing great…I would go wherever they would have a gig at and from there they recommended me to other people,” said Walker.

Some of Walker’s challenges include equipment and its upkeep. Also, making sure he has the latest equipment to have the best quality. “You must put money, time and effort into it in order to see it grow,” Walker said.

Walker was able to build his business by saving the money from different events in order to buy new equipment. “It takes money to make money,” explained Walker.

His passion, congeniality and originality makes him one of the best DJs in Mobile. With an ambition like no other, Walker differentiates from other DJs. His style and strong work ethic makes him a role model for others to admire. Walker believes you must do the best of your ability in order to become a great DJ. With any dream, a plan and determination has to come with it.

Walker states, “It’s all about the grind…grind it out.”

by Chasity Turner



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