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It’s 1996 and you have an original Pez dispenser. How much would it go for on eBay, $10 maybe $20? Bill Appling was curious and placed the ad on eBay, he was in for a huge surprise. The original Pez dispenser sold for $1200.

“It doesn’t make me millions, but I love it. It comes easy to me,” stated Appling, an antique collector and owner of Antiques and Estates.

Bill Appling, an antique collector who specializes in craftsman mission style furniture, learned about the awe and excitement of antiques from his father. For over 25 years, Bill has been collecting and buying whole estates from all over the United States, even importing some from England.

Even while working for the city of Mobile, Bill continued his interest in antiques. After some reevaluating with his former employer and then realizing his joint antique business was doing well, he decided to give his collecting a name and a location, Antiques and Estates in downtown Mobile.


Bill has sold and bought many antiques over the years and prides himself in being ethical when it comes to fakes. He says, “If I tell you something is really what I say it is, then it is.”

When asked about the truthfulness of popular reality shows, such as Storage Wars, Bill does not agree with the reality of these shows. People buying old storage units to find valuables and antiques in order to make a profit is not as realisitic as it portrays. He admits he has bought a few antiques in this manner, but insists that some things on the show are too sensationalized.

Antiques and Estates carries many antiques, some even over 200 years old. With each antique, they carry years of history and stories that can impact a life. There is a unique flare when it comes to collecting and selling antiques


“It’s like selling an old house. Everyone won’t appreciate it, but it may be the only piece you’ll ever find. As more time goes on, the more precious it will become,” explained Bill.

by Kandace Cox

Headshot credit: Toni Riales

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