Jeremy "Money" Thrash

During his senior year of high school, Money started doing music while skipping school with his friends. Despite being around ministry his entire life, it wasn’t until 2007 when God changed his life forever.

“Before dedicating my art to advance the Kingdom of God I was doing secular music until I had a life-changing encounter with God,” said Money.

He began to get serious with not only his life but his music as well. Changing his stage name from Young Money to Money, he decided to put his ministry and kingdom lifestyle into his music.

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“God spoke to me, ‘just as money is recognized as an instrument accepted as an exchange for goods, I want you to become my medium. You give the world a message from me, and in return I (God) will receive the glory,’” explained Money.

Going by the name Money gets mixed connotations from people, considering his style of music. He describes state of hip-hop right now as boring, lacking substance; however, he does not consider himself a gospel rapper or belonging to any specific genre.

“Labeling your music puts you in a box, thats why I don’t like it to be under a certain genre,” stated Money. His music is storytelling and lyrical exercise.

In today’s culture, there is music mentioning Christianity,God and Jesus. He believes they are contradicting what Jesus actually preached, which was the Kingdom. In his music, he hopes to infiltrate the culture by bringing the kingdom message through his sound.

“To see them take a talented human being and bind them to using their sexuality to generate money and use the excuse that its just creative expression. I don't understand how they lie on art and get away with it,” Money stated.

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He wouldn't be surprised if his music started a new genre of music, known as kingdom music. He does not characterize his music in a specific form, but if he had to label it, it would be just that.

With the meaning that religion is what man offers to God, and the Kingdom is what God offers to man. Money explains, “Art is an expression of life, not death, that is why the Kingdom of God must create a label(s) totally independent.”

by Johnathan Sampey

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