What Gets You High

What gets you high? What drives you? Where is your passion? Quinton Miles, creator of Miles High Design also known as MHD, only knows a high life. Starting his brand in 2011, Miles’s creativity was sparked long before deciding to start his own line.

At a young age, Miles wanted to be exclusive and unique with his clothing and began to put his influence on his own clothing. “When I was a kid, I would make my own shirts. I would draw stuff like Dragon Ball Z characters,” said Miles. In high school, he strayed away from shirt making but soon jumped right back in after falling in love with the screen printing process.

While attending Auburn University, Miles began MHD as his first brand where he focused on high quality products. However, he has since launched MHD Supremacy. “I wanted to take quality to another level. Everything is handmade from scratch to ensure you are getting a high quality product,” explained Miles.

He describes MHD Clothing as an urban wear brand whereas the Supremacy line is more of a high class designer brand. “ Clothing is basically set when it comes to options to choose from, but MHD Supremacy brings you endless varieties of patterns, colors and clothing features,” stated Miles.

In the future he hopes to have stores across the US, including California and also a sponsorship program. “I want a sponsorship program with different up and coming artists, athletes; just people that are dedicated to whatever they are doing,” said Miles. He wants to be able to share his success and influence others to follow their calling.

When asked how he wants others to view his brands, Miles stated, “I want to spread my creativity, thoughts and messages with the world.”

Miles believes his brands represents living your life high and gaining a sense of accomplishment from achieving your goals and doing what you love. MHD and MHD Supremacy are more than brands; they are a lifestyle, they are how you view yourself and your future. This MHD lifestyle inspires you to live life high.




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