OK Bike Shop

“Where else can you get sushi, drinks, and fish tacos at 1:00 in the morning?” stated Carson. In conjunction with Liquid Lounge and The Union Steakhouse, OK Bike Shop has more to offer than just drinks. With majority of restaurants and food establishments in the area closing before 12am, I find it refreshing to know there is a place to go for those late night hunger cravings.

Carson, a bartender and long time employee of OK Bike Shop, loves the variety and mixed vibes OK Bike Shop brings to downtown Mobile.

I asked the question, what makes OK Bike Shop so special, “It all comes down from the owners. Their style and character really shape and mold this place,” explained Carson.

With the vibrant decor and chill ambiance, this local bar is definitely like no other. Let’s be real, how many places in Mobile can you get bicycles, sushi and mexican on one block?




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