Bodies by Cindy

From a small back parking lot to expanding to an 8000 sq. ft. facility, Cindy, owner of Bodies by Cindy, knew this was her journey to take. Although she was not always interested in health and fitness, Cindy had many influences on her health, including her own. “I was actually 226 lbs and I have rheumatoid arthritis (RA)," stated Cindy. Although Cindy’s mother was her biggest inspiration, seeing so much sickness in her family helped Cindy realize how important the good quality of life was.

Although there are many fitness facilities in the area, Cindy feels her clients are unique from others. “We know every member by name and follow up by calls and emails. We are not just trainers," she said.

Bodies by Cindy caters to all age groups and fitness levels with clients ranging from age 4 to 86. Though she has some athletes to come in, most of her members have some type of ailments and are referred to by doctors.

With the city having such obesity problems, Cindy is always looking for fresh ideas, gaining more knowledge and learning something new. She has published two e-books on Amazon and owns several businesses to guide men and women into a healthy lifestyle. Because of the health condtions in Mobile, Cindy feels obligated to help others.

Even the trainers at Bodies by Cindy are different than other facilities. She describes them as cheerleaders. “It’s more emotional than the actual physical workouts. So many people need that handheld accountability," explained Cindy. They keep their members motivated by showing them they are their biggest supporters. By helping you go beyond what you are pushing for, Cindy and her trainers made sure her clients feel good.

Being a female trainer, Cindy is often underestimated. “I think that a lot of people think that because we’re all female that we can’t give you a good workout if you’re a male.” She believes the total opposite. “We as women want to prove to the world that we can do it,” she stated.

With her owning several businesses and dealing with the ailments in her and her family's life, she is one busy lady. In the next coming up months, Cindy will be partnering up with the well-known show “The Biggest Loser” in April at the Run Walk Race Series, NAMI with a walk in May and with the Diabetes Foundation walk in October.

Although Cindy is a busy person, she keeps her passionate in work, especially for those who have different types of health issues. The true reason for it all is the qualities of life. If someone with an ailment can do it, you can too. She says, “Do not let another day go by, start living for your health and well-being today!”

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