Serda's Coffee Shop

If you’re looking for a spot where you can get a fresh cup of coffee to start your day or a glass of beer to unwind after work, Serda’s Coffee Shop is the place to be. From an internet café to his own coffee shop, owner John Serda has a lot of experience in the coffee industry.

“When I lived in Costa Rica, I got to go tour the farms and see how coffee was grown, how it’s processed, how it’s picked, packaged and shipped,” John said.

Fresh out of college with a degree in finance from the University of South Alabama, John’s career started, unknowingly, across the equator in Costa Rica. John states, “My goal was to work in an international business and here I am doing exactly what I wanted to do. I just didn’t realize it.”

Initially, Serda’s Coffee shop started out as an online website exporting Tarrazu coffee, famous coffee in Costa Rica, to the United States as well as other countries.

John has always had a passion for coffee. “I’ve always liked coffee…even as a child I would sit with my grandmother and drink coffee,” John stated.

There is an array of qualities that make Serda’s Coffee Shop unique. From its homey feeling to its great customer service, this coffee shop will meet every customer’s expectation. The coffee shop itself has a comfortable feel allowing customers to relax while they are enjoying the atmosphere.

When asked what makes your coffee so special John replied, “That’s easy, love. We take a lot of time sampling our products to make sure our customers enjoy it.”

Some of the products Serda’s sell include wine, beer and even cigars. It’s a coffee shop that has everything in one. One of their top sellers at the moment is the Guatemala El Pilar.

As a businessman, John designed his coffee shop around the overall experience. “It really doesn’t matter what you like it matters what your customers like. We really listen to what our customers say and what they want and we try to fulfill that void, ”John expressed. With customer’s wants and needs being one of his main objectives, he came up with a menu that allows customers to come morning, noon and night. A smart business plan that will forever put them ahead of competition.

Serda’s also reaches out to the customers who don’t have time to stop by the shop. Instead, they can pick up a bag of fresh Serda’s coffee from Winn Dixie, Fresh Market and Rouses. They also sell the product within the shop so you can have a taste of Serdas at home. The superior quality of not only the customer experience but also the products, Serda’s is an eclectic shop with much more to offer than just coffee.




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