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With the US being one of the leading countries of obesity, it is a major concern for not only the consumers but also many businesses.

Nazmi, owner of Island Wing Co., was presented the idea of having a healthier eating option in everyday meals. By making a slight change in cooking style, Nazmi has brought a tropical and healthy restaurant to the city of Mobile. Everyone involved in Island Wing Co., lives a healthy lifestyle so they thought it would be a great idea to create an environment where they can eat healthy and hang out too.

"We're bringing the tropics to the city!" Nazmi explained. The inspiration behind this restaurant was to provide the community with an alternative for bar food and of course the tropics. Island Wing Co. is a fryer-free restaurant known for their scrumptious baked wings. In their kitchen, everything is baked, grilled, or steamed. They offer the same quality of bar food, but in a healthier way.

Nazmi explains, "If the idea was to get rich, you could open up fried food chains in Mobile because the people already speak that language naturally." He wanted to bring a unique flavor to the city while keeping the excitement of a wing restaurant.

Island Wing Co., offers more than healthy bar food; they also offer a good time. With flat-screens in every booth to watch whatever you want, Island Wing Co., caters to all of its customers. “It’s all about building relationships with the people at the restaurant," stated Nazmi.

There are many misconceptions about eating healthy. The most prominent is expense and lack of taste in the food. With these common connotations, Island Wing Co., thrives because of their quality menu items and inexpensive options.

Recently, I had my first experience at Island Wing Co., where I ordered the lemon pepper wings and garden mac. When I bit into my wing, I was speechless because of the taste, the quality and the texture; please don't get me started on the garden mac. It was topped with zesty herbs, steamed broccoli and bread crumbs causing my mouth to water. It was nothing short of extraordinary.

Currently, their most popular dish is the mahi taco. It comes with juicy blackened mahi, crunchy cabbage, homemade pineapple pico, sweet Thai chili and finished with fresh avocado on it.

It's also served with a side of reggae rice. Island Wing Co. is more than an alternative for healthier bar food, but it's an improvement for a healthy lifestyle and an amazingly good time.

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