Pass Me the Hookah

While attending the University of South Alabama, Moe worked with his brother at Jerusalem Café for almost five years before he knew he wanted his own place. A place where there is “no competition.” With the help of destiny and hard work, he opened Mint Grill & Hookah Lounge in October 2012.

Mint is not just a hookah lounge, but also a full service restaurant. “Many confuse us [with other hookah lounges] because we serve hookahs, but we are a full service restaurant,” said Moe.

Mint, like many others, serves a variety of food and drinks for their customers, however they allow you to bring your own bottles (BYOB). Because they do not serve alcoholic beverages, Mint creates a different option. Along with a chill and laid back vibe, this restaurant has a calm ambiance with hookahs accompanying. Serving appetizers, sandwiches, salads and Greek platters, Mint feels very much like a cozy home.

Although there are no upcoming events with Mint Grill & Hookah Lounge, soon, they will begin opening up for lunch. They will open 3 hours earlier and offer half off hookahs on Wednesdays and Sundays.

“Our hookahs are a million percent different,” stated Moe when asked how his hookahs differ. There are no chemicals and no nicotine. They are not only authentic and but also come from the Middle East. He makes sure to cater to everyone. The hookahs are safe and kept clean for the people to enjoy.

“We welcome everyone that fits the age to smoke and drink,” Moe said. There is no discrimination at Mint Hookah Lounge. “There is a good vibe here, good people and good food,” he stated. According to Moe, his goal at Mint is to make everyone who comes to leave happy.

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