Liberation Chiropractic & Wellness P.C.

“​Liberation is really the concept that defines us because we are literally setting people free from their ailments​"

Liberation & Chiropractic & Wellness P.C., located on Tanner Williams Road, is something extremely different for the Mobile area. Dr. Michael Bucknell is not only the creative brains behind Liberation but also the mastermind behind REDBAR Espresso & Market. Sitting down with this brilliant individual, I learned so much about the chiropractic field and the advancement it has made in the medical community. After conversing with Bucknell, I quickly learned Liberation & Chiropractic & Wellness P.C. is not just any chiropractic facility, in actuality, it is a dominating chiropractic facility well known across the Gulf coast area.

Dr. Bucknell and I conducted our interview in REDBAR Espresso & Market, a spin-off market place offering a variety of organic coffees, smoothies, beverages and European style appetizers, conveniently located right next door. Bucknell's brilliant spirit exudes from his tremendous passion for not only chiropractic but also making sure his present and future patients achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The first question I asked Dr. Bucknell was his reasoning behind Liberation. “Do you want a short answer or a long answer?", he replied with a chuckle. Of course I requested the long answer.

Suffering from severe allergies at a young age, Bucknell had to deal with medicines and their affects early on. However, at the age of 17, Bucknell quit all of his prescribed allergy medications. After finishing his undergraduate study at Pierre Laclede's Honors College at the University of Missouri St. Louis, he started the doctorate program at Logan College of Chiropractic. After being adjusted by his peers, his allergies gradually disappeared.

“​Mobile needs a facility like ours because the culture needs a shift, it needs a shock factor​"

The results of Bucknell's allergies completely disappearing is what inspired him to become a chiropractor. He started Liberation as an alternative to getting well without the use of medication. Liberation & Chiropractic & Wellness facility focuses mainly on chiropractic in terms of wellness care, family care and corrective in terms of scoliosis and restoring lost curves.

Even with all this in mind, Bucknell feels it is hard to pinpoint what Liberation really offers because his facility sees a scale of everything. “Liberation is really comprised of our patients sending their family and friends, who need help and as a result we fix all kinds of things," he states.

Some of his methods focus on nutrition, detox, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Chiropractic is not a treatment but a tool for prevention.

He believes his facility has made strides compared to when he first started. "Twelve years ago it was not popular to be 'healthy' or to live a healthy lifestyle," explained Bucknell. Now he has systematically educated every person that has stepped foot into Liberation.

I asked Dr. Bucknell why he believes Mobile needs a business like his and why should they come to him. "Mobile in fact does not need us but there should be a better measure of up keeping health," explained Bucknell .He believes that if health was made a priority, then there would be less of a need for his business.

The facility offers preventive measures of ensuring health before the obvious signs. Bucknell states, "Taking multiple antibiotics and pills does not ensure your health, however being educated on a wellness oriented lifestyle program from start to finish can prevent unnecessary ailments."




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