Carpe Diem

“Carpe Diem! Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” This quote from Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society has inspired countless business ventures, split decisions and even tattoos. However the significance in this radical quote sparked something a little closer to home, Carpe Diem Coffee and Tea Company.

Located on Old Shell Road, Carpe Diem hopes to reiterate the same idea Robin Williams wanted to stress to his students; make the most of your time while you’re still here.

The former owners of the coffee shop, Carpe Diem, were inspired to create a second “living room” for everyone to get together in the community. A friendly face greeting, coffee roasting and freshly baked pastries will bless your nose as soon as you walk into the coffee shop. These are constants in Carpe Diem, however the range of customers changes practically every hour.

“You can see different groups of people throughout the day on a daily basis at the coffee shop,” stated Alan, owner of Carpe Diem. “In the early morning, we have the runners, bikers and business people coming in and out the shop. In the middle of the morning, the customers who have been coming here for years are coming in and lastly around noon, customers who usually work from home are coming in to work on things during the day,” stated Alan.

The atmosphere of Carpe Diem most definitely changes throughout the course of the day. From the college students rushing in for treats to energize them in the afternoon to their last groups of people, usually late night students studying and late night socializers sipping tea. After my visit at Carpe Diem, I began to see not only the diversity of their customers but also their impact on this community. Carpe Diem provides a comfortable and at home atmosphere to a very hectic and fast paced area of Mobile.

“I’m very proud at the fact that we roast everything here and we have control over the coffee and we know mostly what everyone drinks when they visit the coffee shop,” explained Alan. He believes that’s what differentiates Carpe Diem from other local shops. For someone’s first time visiting Carpe Diem, Alan recommends the alpine mocha for the cold weather and an iced caramel macchiato for the hot weather, but they definitely provide and cater to many options.

When I asked what makes you most proud about Carpe Diem, Alan responded, “When I can tell I made someone’s day better by seeing them enjoy something I’m doing. That’s what it’s all about.”

I admire people like him. People who chase after their dreams, whether big or small, but still keeping in mind where the passion begins, with people. Alan hopes to see Carpe Diem still active in people’s lives in years to come while still bustling and striving for the community. Be sure to visit Carpe Diem and always seize the day.




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