CK Salon

Mixing family with business is not only hard to do but also hard to find. Bringing together these various personalities, opposing lifestyles and personal preferences can sometimes be detrimental to many family businesses. However, with a new location on Hillcrest, CK Salon is a thriving melting pot of love, support and entertainment defying all of these odds.

Sisters and joint owners of CK Salon, Christin Bedgood and Krystal Turberville, are complete opposites in every aspect from personal style to decision making. “I mean sometimes we wanna kill each other but we do really well together,” stated Krystal.

The sisters have technically been “working together” since birth, with the help of their mom, but in more recent years decided to start a business of their own. After working together at Enve Color Studio & Salon and then working separately, the two came to agreement on their own space and game plan for the next step.

“The hardest part is always getting there. Getting is always the hardest,” stated Christin. With such unique styles and strong opinions the two agreed they wanted a welcoming atmosphere where judgment, restrictions and troubles had to be left at the door. They then began work on the décor and lighting with a few helping hands.

“We knew we wanted natural wood, so we came in and knocked everything down and built it back up,” said Krystal. After only a few weeks, CK Salon is filled with a soothing color palette, stylish seating and influential celebrities from Elvis Pressley to Audrey Hepburn.

Often times it is hard to not mingle business with personal life, especially with a setting as open and comfortable as a salon. CK Salon prides itself on being able to have a private life and still maintain professionalism. “We all have different families. We all have different lifestyles,” Christin explained. “So we’re mindful and considerate of this,” Krystal added.

As sisters and business partners, they have identified each other’s weak and strong points and develop both for the advancement of their salon. The two have a created a place of peace and enjoyment while balancing family. When asked what advice do you have for families considering a business, Christin responded, “It’s not for everybody”.




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