Bop's Kitchen

From underground rapper to local hotdog carts, Bop, owner of Bop’s Kitchen, has been blessing the community with his passion for food and good hospitality for almost two years now.

"I've been cooking ever since I could turn the eyes on the stove on," said Bop. At a young age, Bop would cook dinner for his mother while she worked 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet for the family, little did he know, these would be his first cooking lessons. Bop would fry chicken golden brown but it would still be raw on the inside. ‘Next time, turn the eyes down low to cook the inside baby,’ his mother would suggest. These moments made not only his cooking skills improve but also create a curiosity for creating dishes.

After having hernia surgery, Bop was not able to work offshore and his personal finances suffered greatly. With no monetary support, he reached out to an old friend who owned a restaurant; however, Bop was qualified for a position that was already filled.

After searching for a space of his own, he found a small space on MLK along with an inspiring local hero.

“Mr. White always believed in giving people a chance in life," said Bop. “Mr. White never doubted me. I'm so thankful for him & his blessing because nobody else would've did it for me," said Bop.

Coming up with the first month’s rent was the first on Bop’s to do list. After watching Nick Cannon speak about investing in yourself and how he had sold all of his belongings to get to where he is, Bop decided to do just that. He started by putting his new truck up for sale, along with some of his other belongings.

"If you don't invest in yourself, then who's going to invest you? NOBODY!", Bop stated,

Since opening his doors, Bop has had an applauding response from the community. With such positive feedback from customers, he has become a local and motivating chef. However, even with a thriving business and a wide range of clientele, Bop still has unfinished business to take care of. "Some days are overwhelming for me," said Bop. “But it amazes me how people receive me and my business.”

The community is what inspires him most, not the money.In the future, he sees Bop’s Kitchen moving to another spot where his customers can dine in and enjoy themselves like old times on Davis Avenue. He also wants to be more involved with the city and local service events. He believes anything and everything is possible. "The sky is the limit!" said Bop.




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