Sophisticated. Cultured. Refined.

Over the past two years, Urbane has managed to hold tight to these concepts and much more. Focusing on trendy yet still timeless pieces, Urbane’s sophistication and class has catapulted the brand to the forefront of fashion accessory lines.

Carlisha Hartzog, creator of Urbane, is a local transplant with ravishing accomplishments and community ties for someone twice her age.

“Urbane is the way for me to still always be connected to fashion even when I’m doing more corporate stuff,” said Carlisha. “It’s my baby,” she continued.

Urbane is an online only accessories line featuring designers from all around the world. Using lesser known yet superior designers, Urbane has the ability to have pieces that are not only exclusive but also ageless. With personal ties to London Fashion Week and her own Hartzog Consulting, Carlisha uses her charisma and charm to connect with designers internationally.

“We seek out designers that are unsung heroes in other countries,” Hartzog stated. “Pieces that are not so high that it’s unattainable but still good quality work,” said Carlisha.

Given the rich history of Mobile and cultural background, Hartzog pulls inspiration from the city and its inhabitants when choosing pieces for her various collections.

“There are a lot of transplants here in Mobile. You know, I’m not born and raised here. I’m a transplant and it’s that cultural tie in that I love,” Hartzog explained. She believes the unique items within Urbane should reflect the diversity of the city.

With only two years, Urbane has grown phenomenally with the addition of unisex accessories as well. In the near future, Carlisha would love to design her own pieces and maybe collaborate with online bloggers. As far as an actual storefront or expanding to clothing, Carlisha is still on the fence.

“You know I really don’t know. My life is that way,” Hartzog explained. “I have visions and thoughts about the path to take, but the way it actually goes, I really don’t know.” The uncertainty of the unknown always makes things a bit more exciting.




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