A transport from Jacksonville, Florida, Lorenzo Ferguson, owner of Your Way Fitness, has found not only a home here in Mobile but also his purpose. Since receiving his bachelor’s in Exercise Science from the University of South Alabama, Ferguson has shifted his focus from the academics of the health and fitness business to retaining clientele and the future of his own business.

“Your Way Fitness is a type of fitness that caters to all populations, not just athletes or bodybuilders. Anywhere from ages 5 to even 65,” explained Ferguson. With a genuine spirit and love for people, Ferguson does not exclude any age group and never plans to. “Make it to where your kids will come and work out, not just sit and play,” explained Ferguson.

After just one year, Your Way Fitness has grown from personal training to group fitness meetings across the city of Mobile to achieve healthier lifestyles. From Cottage Hill Park to South Alabama’s soccer fields, Your Way Fitness is taking health and exercise to another level of engagement.

Ferguson envisions all of his clients to not only maintain wellness but also learn more about their own bodies. Every session is filled with knowledge and accurate execution of various workouts. “Educate, technique, results. Those are my three main goals,” explained Ferguson.

Assisting his clients in not only achieving their goal but also acquiring the confidence to believe in them is his biggest achievement. “To take someone where they are right now, to someone they never thought they could be, it’s unbelievable,” stated Ferguson. “It’s the total transformation that I love,” stated Ferguson.

After three short years here in the Port City, Ferguson believes this is home however the future of Your Way Fitness will be showcased all across the country. “It will definitely go to other places,” stated Ferguson.

Although Your Way Fitness is fresh in comparison to other fitness programs, word of mouth has greatly increased his business. However, Ferguson never loses sight of what is most important to him or his main focus. He said, “This is my passion. This is a lifetime deal. It’s never been about money. This is for the long haul.”



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