Lotus Boutique

Escalating from a marketing intern to Operations Manager of Lotus Boutique, Megan Kowal has developed her personal and business life into a crowning lifestyle. With her effortless style and glowing integrity, Megan has solidified her place in Mobile’s fashion scene.

While selling campus advertising space, Megan’s charismatic and persuasive personality won over Lalonie Farnell, President of Lotus Boutique.

“I’ve worked retail since I was 15 so working a sales floor came easy for me,” said Megan. However, Farnell saw much more in her and brought Megan on as a marketing intern, where she also excelled.

As Operations Manager, Megan travels to assist in not only launching new stores but also teaching marketing and team building techniques. “Working with the managers, helping them make their stores successful; that’s what I enjoy most,” stated Megan.

In addition to the Lotus Boutique stores, Pursepicassity and Hourglass are also in the family. Each store catering to a different market. “The style of Lotus is an eclectic mix of Boho and southern prep,” stated Megan. When asked how she focuses on Lotus while still being able to not mix markets, she stated, “She [Farnell] is very interactive, very much involved and very hands on”.

With 9 locations across the southeast including Georgia, Florida and now Louisiana, Lotus Boutique is gaining momentum swiftly and becoming a household name. There are two locations in Mobile and the store’s market is forever changing with the city. “I think Mobile has a lot of possibility. In 10 years, it’s going to be a great city,” Megan gleamed.

The boutique is symbolically named Lotus Boutique from the lotus flower’s powerful meaning and intricate details. Growing in harsh and muddy conditions, the flower still blooms passionately upward towards the direction of the sun. This representation is what Lotus Boutique follows and everyone on their team. Megan exemplifies this and much more when not only conducting business but

also interacting with customers. Even with the addition of new stores and future franchise opportunities, Lotus Boutique will remain a hometown favorite and close to heart.



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