Beyond the Canvas

Being artistically inclined is a gift. A gift some wish to have. A gift that is so unique. A gift that is able to turn a piece of paper into a work of art. Being able to express a feeling through art is something special. Something, DeAnthony Dulaney has no trouble with. Dulaney is a local artist and has deemed himself as such as long as he can remember. Being inspired by his father, friends and the culture of his time residing in Atlanta, Dulaney has developed his own style of art.

“My artwork is raw, whatever it is, right then,” Dulaney expressed. Some of his best works come from his own inspirations. “My best work comes straight from the dome, it's like I’m rapping, freestyling,” stated Dulaney.

Feeding his talent and allowing it to turn into his passion, granted Dulaney with the idea to evolve a skill into a career. Some may think creating a career out of drawing is silly but Dulaney makes it easy.

“I believe God gives you talents that are going to make a way for you,” he explained. With this faithful mindset,his talent has made a way for not only him but also other artists to start a company, Red Cup Revolt (The Red Cup Revolution). This company brings people of different cultures together.

When asked what does his art reflect, Dulaney responded, “My art reflects what’s going on in the culture. Urban culture, such as Black Lives Matter, Hip Hop, world events, etc. My artwork is dope, dope, DOPE.”

Dulaney’s captivating artwork is one for the books. As he grows as an artist, his artwork and the meaning behind it will forever be remembered.

What makes Dulaney standout from other artist is the fine details in his work. He’s a perfectionist in his craft which brings customers to him. He has many techniques. “I try not to get comfortable with one way...not just a one trick pony… I try to be fluent in many techniques,” he explained. This gives every piece its own edge or uniqueness.

De’Anthony Dulaney encourages others to turn your talent into a passion then convert it into a career and you’ll never work again.



The objective is to promote not only local businesses and artistry but also positive community events throughout the Gulf Coast area to connect various cultural groups. In addition to keeping our audience up to date on the latest trends from fashion and beauty, to sports and fitness, Project Azalea will also serve as a platform for upcoming local businesses.

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