Transforming the Tone of Conversation

One of the greatest feelings is knowing you are not alone. In a world that can viewed as cold, cruel and deadly, we at Project Azalea are not alone viewing it from a completely different perspective. By changing the tone of conversation by promoting the positive aspects of our community, Positive Press is not only an ally but also a refreshing voice to our area.

Scott Tindle, creator and founder of Positive Press, decided a change needed to made in how we view our city and how media directly influences this. “If you scroll onto a news website, 3 out of the 5 headlines are negative stories. A simple change in a headline can transform a local story,” stated Tindle. This ratio makes a significant impact on the connotation we have of the Gulf Coast area.

Positive Press plans to promote positivity through local stories and original content, along with sharing news from various media outlets. They have quickly gained high traffic numbers locally and beyond with a fresh take on what is considered newsworthy.

Our primary source of facts and the stories we are told are the interpretations of the media outlets we acquire the information from. We can choose to be knowledgeable on what we are told or what we discover on our own. Imagine how we would view our community if the information we shared was positive, productive and purposeful?

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The objective is to promote not only local businesses and artistry but also positive community events throughout the Gulf Coast area to connect various cultural groups. In addition to keeping our audience up to date on the latest trends from fashion and beauty, to sports and fitness, Project Azalea will also serve as a platform for upcoming local businesses.

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