You are the ONLY you

You are the ONLY you. There is no replacement, duplicate or imitation. Every characteristic you possess is unique. Every personality trait you acquire is personal and distinct. You are wonderfully made. You can travel to every continent and never find another you. There is only one. Embrace that.

Being two months into the new year, you may have lost your momentum. You may have already experienced discouragement in more than one area of your life. The new year isn’t going as planned. However, despite all of this, you are still you. You have the ability to change your entire life from a single decision.

I have set personal goals for myself this year that may be a little far fetched to those listening but for me, I have always believed, anything is possible and impossible is nothing. Sometimes I ponder on how much my own life has changed in such a short amount of time from the decisions I have made. From my decision to move back to Mobile to answering the phone for AJ when he wanted to start a “project”. It was those small decisions that got me to where I am now, Co founder and Executive Editor of Project Azalea covering 2016 Senior Bowl and soon to be owner of Finds.

Those things remind me of how we all can change our lives by taking small steps into big places. Take them one day at a time, while always keeping the larger vision in mind. Recently, someone reminded me that I just needed to start. Not sure of what steps to take is okay, having no funds is fine also, just start. When a vision is given to you, you do not avoid it nor make excuses. You go for it, full speed ahead.

So today, I urge you to start. With all of your imperfections, you start. No today isn’t January 1st, but it is a new day that needs a new attitude and new perspective on life. Your life is the total sum of trial and error, triumphs and defeats and then your overall vision of yourself.

I am strong. I am fearless. I am courageous. I am compassionate. I am patient. I am rich. I am great. I am loved. I am me. How do you see yourself?

Ashley Mc



The objective is to promote not only local businesses and artistry but also positive community events throughout the Gulf Coast area to connect various cultural groups. In addition to keeping our audience up to date on the latest trends from fashion and beauty, to sports and fitness, Project Azalea will also serve as a platform for upcoming local businesses.

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