Fitness Chose Me

“I didn’t choose fitness, fitness chose me,” stated Ashlee Foster, owner of Smply Fitness. Ashlee’s gym is new to Mobile, Al, having only been open for about seven months. With Ashlee’s program she incorporates nutrition and meal plans for all of her clients to go alongside their workout regimen.

Ashlee was inspired to become a trainer after a visit with her nephew who had just finished his Air Force boot camp. The discipline he had made a profound impact on not only him but also her personal life.

“I began to work out to get in shape and I noticed the small changes but women around me noticed a change as well,” explained Ashlee. With a passion for helping women and a new career path she never thought of, Ashlee closed down the boutique she was running and opened Smply Fitness.

Although Smply Fitness is strictly for women, Ashlee did not leave the men out. “I also sell supplements for men and women called herbalife to assist with fitness goals,” stated Ashlee.

Smply Fitness impacts Mobile in various ways. Ashlee collaborates with other personal trainers in the area to promote herbalife as well as healthy living because of the obesity levels in the city. “I feel it is important for personal trainers to work together because the impact we can have on Mobile can be far greater,” explained Ashlee.

The glow and passion Ashlee has when speaking of her business is electrifying and purpose driven. “It brings me joy because I get to help people. Even though it is difficult now, I know the outcome because God showed me,” stated Ashlee. In the future, Ashlee wants to expand and merge a mentorship program along with Smply Fitness.

With personal devotionals and positive reading material always by her side, Ashlee stays encouraged along her journey. From the owner to the clients, Smply Fitness is a collective group of strong, fearless and courageous women in every way, shape and form.




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