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A humble yet strong spirit, urban and congenial character and an energy level off the charts, Matthew Robinson, also known as Mattazik Muzik, is a local music producer taking the city of Mobile everywhere he goes.

“I just moved to Atlanta, but I’m learning everything I can while I’m there so I can come back to Mobile and teach others and expand the city,” stated Matt. His dreams are far beyond Atlanta and other places, however he plans on bringing knowledge and life lessons back to his hometown.

His music interest started early in elementary school where he began playing the trumpet then along came the baritone and trombone just to name a few. Shortly after graduating high school, he decided to further his talents at Faulkner State Community College. While studying music composition, Matt later dropped out to gain real world experience in the music industry but not before making the most of his time there.

As an intern for local engineer, Ron G., Matt developed a love for the production side of music.

“Me being in the presence of him [Ron G.] and actually learning, you know, being in the sessions and listening, it was kind of exciting,” Matt stated. This initial relationship ignited a series of encounters with other local artists and studios such as Spank Lee, Blue Magic Studios and Rich Boy.

“My first track I actually produced was with Yung Bleu back in 2013,” stated Matt.

Staying true to home with local legend The Last Mr. Bigg, diversity of T.Pain and iconic sound of Andre 3000, Matt explained why those would be his top choices of artists to work with. “When you hear 3 Stackz, you know it’s him. He has that sound. And T, Pain is so versatile; he can do pop, hip hop, every genre,” Matt said. “The Last Mr. Bigg is like family. I would’ve loved to work with him,” he added.

There are times in the entertainment industry where the life spoken of is not the life that is actually being lived.“Music has taught me to never give up and always be myself,” explained Matt.

The gray area in between what you hear versus the actual day to day actions is sometimes hard to distinguish and can impact personal lives. Being in the music industry and the exposure of a different lifestyle can greatly influence new habits. “I want to keep that hustle, drive and ambition I have,” stated Matt. “I just gotta stay me, you know.” Yemp!



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