Courtesy Wins

Recently, we had the opportunity to hear a close friend and beloved citizen of Mobile speak at The Exchange 202. Dan Brennan of Dan and Shelby In The Morning on 95KSJ discussed how “Courtesy Wins”.

He touched on a few topics including choosing friends wisely, making a difference in an individual's life, listening on purpose and how every little bit counts.

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our own lives that we forget there is a much larger world besides our own. We have so many spheres of influence where we can impact someone’s life with just a simple hello or smile. It requires much more energy to avoid or ignore someone than it does to remind them that they are important and loved. Dan shared a beautiful story of a friendship between his father and a mentally enthused hometown glory, Eddie Boo. The two shared a connection because Dan’s father was simply unapologetically kind to someone in need.

There are people in this world that need you, your talents and gifts. Many of them you have not met yet, some you may never meet. Because of this, everyday you must be the best you you can be to everyone you come in contact with. Everything you possess belongs solely to you and honestly, it’s quite selfish to keep it all to yourself. They need it more than you.

“If you have a bunch of little good things, you do the math. That’s a big thing,” stated Dan.

He also discussed how our tiny good deeds seem small when done individually but how monumental they are when added all together. You may compare your life to others and yours may seem miniscule, irrelevant or defeated . However, take a look at all the small things you have. For example, your job, friends, church family, health.These little things are small segments of your life, however when added together, they make up a huge chunk. A lot of a little is not a little anymore.

We must take responsibility for those around us by simply being courteous. We must listen on purpose and not just to respond. Greet the homeless, smile at a stranger and tell someone you love them today. All these little things added together will make you go the distance while sustaining impactful friendships along the way. Courtesy will always win.



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