21 Days of Hell

Mobile native and former cornerback for Alabama A&M University, Jihad Irby is taking the fitness industry by storm and bringing a new and innovative fitness program to his hometown entitled “21 Days of Hell”.

His motivation behind “21 Days of Hell”, came from his days as a Nike trainer working under motivational speaker, Eric Thomas. Irby recalls watching one of Thomas videos during a tour called “The Power of 21”, which describes how we can create and break a habit in just 21 days. After consulting with Thomas about his idea, Irby decided to take the concept of 21 and applied it to exercising in which “21 Days of Hell” was born.

“The main thing that inspired me to workout was the passing of my grandfather, who passed away from a massive heart attack,” stated Irby. He wanted to save himself from losing another family member, so he began to educate himself and others in his sphere of influence about the importance of fitness and healthy habits.

Irby describes fitness as a lifestyle and not just a temporary period to lose weight to fit into your summer jeans. It goes beyond day 21. According to Irby, Alabama is now listed in the top 5 states for high obesity rates. He believes the core idea of living a healthier lifestyle starts with breaking your bad habits such as not getting enough exercise, eating poorly and even constantly engaging in “trend” diets.

“Even if it’s just 5 minutes, stay active and stay consistent,” explained Irby. Additionally, he says to start by creating a habit within yourself to workout if you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. Create your own Why.

When asked what could his potential clients expect from his program and how much of a change should they anticipate, Irby responded, “My clients can gain a good habit. I try to focus on three things, family, Christianity and fun.”

Irby’s passionate and purpose driven workouts bring an enlightening perspective to choosing a healthy lifestyle and the fitness profession. He has aspirations of “21 Days of Hell” reaching worldwide attention and ultimately becoming the sole leader in the fitness industry.

In the few months Irby has been home, he has engaged people of all walks in the Mobile area with his 21 Days of Hell program. Also, he has collaborated with other trainers in the area to expand his clients workout regimens. Irby stated, “Mobile was never a fitness oriented town. These people love it and their new lifestyle. I think that’s the most beautiful thing about it.”




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