No Fear of Depth

When in the business of showing people how fabulous they really look in a bikini, Mermania is not only in the business but also dominating it. Vibrant colors, festive patterns and quirky catchphrase tees fill the pages of Mermania’s online store. With suits catering to every shape, form and curve, this swimsuit line is taking a local designer to new heights and depths.

Mobile transport and creator of Mermania, Megan Kowal, knows the importance of having confidence and exclusivity when it comes to curvy fashions, especially in regards to swimwear.

“Mobile would always do well with swimsuits because we are so close to the beach, but it all started because it’s way too hard to find swimsuits for curvy girls,” stated Megan.

Although the official launch party recently happened on April 7th, Mermania made its debut in the Fall of 2014 during Mobile’s Fashion Week and is also available downtown in Urban Emporium. Megan’s passion for unrestricted lifestyles and unwavering self assurance gives Mermania a different perspective on swimwear. When asked what words best describe Mermania, Megan responded, “Sexy, flattering and unique.”

Small business owners may sometimes focus on the low supply instead of how high the “unknown demand” really is. Despite being known as The Port City and residing along the Gulf Coast, Mobile has very few locally made swimsuit lines.However, with a fierce attitude and fearless dedication, Kowal did not let anything deter her devotion to her brand and city, not even her full time job as Operations Manager for Lotus Boutique.

“Mobile has shown a lot of growth in the last few years and I feel like they would appreciate a local designer,” Kowal stated.

Because of the overwhelming support Megan has received locally, she plans to expand the borders of Mermania beyond Mobile.

“All over, every coast. I really want shops down in LA, down in Miami, really beach oriented places. I want to be picked up by larger stores and still have individual Mermania stores,” she explained. Kowal dedicates more than just time and money into her Mermania brand. She creates lifestyles where dreams come true and mermaids are real. Mermania has no fear of depth.




The objective is to promote not only local businesses and artistry but also positive community events throughout the Gulf Coast area to connect various cultural groups. In addition to keeping our audience up to date on the latest trends from fashion and beauty, to sports and fitness, Project Azalea will also serve as a platform for upcoming local businesses.

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