Got Juice?

Spiritual motivation, passionate purpose, relentless research…these are just a few of the many ingredients in JuiceFaqtory’s mix. The founder, Jeremy Stradford, has blended his spirtual beliefs, educational experience, and personal philosophy to create a company with a goal of exposing the community to a healthier food option through juicing. Stradford established JuiceFaqtory in September of 2014, in hopes to address the need for progression in health and wellness in the GulfCoast area.

PA: How did the idea for JuiceFaqtory originate?

Stradford: Well, it was a combination of things…fasting was the beginning of a lifestyle change for me. My interest in juicing was sparked when I experienced losing my uncle to a battle with cancer. A juicing regime was recommended to him, but in my opinion it was recommended too late into his diagnosis and treatment.

PA: How did that “lifestyle change” develop into JuiceFaqtory the business?

Stradford: Once I returned to my hometown Mobile, after living in Atlanta, I noticed more progression in Atlanta and a more health conscious group. I wanted to see that in Mobile. We NEED that in Mobile! I saw a shortage of availability of healthy choices and it prompted my idea for my business.”

PA: What specifically did you conclude from this observation?

Stradford: Access to better food and healthier options. Cancer, obesity, diabetes…yes these are all issues, but until the food problem is addressed we still have worldwide issues. We live in a “microwave society” but the problem isn’t convenience, it’s exposure to better choices. JuiceFaqtory’s offers a solution. We offer lifestyle coaching and convenient product delivery.

PA: What’s your opinion on the progression of health in Mobile more recently?

Stradford: Mobile is making great strides and JuiceFaqtory wants to be a part of the health and wellness movement. When I moved back to Mobile, I starting doing custom orders and private juicing for clients at a friend’s gym, Rock Paper Fitness, focusing on diet and workout; and I have continued to network and market my products throughout the community.

PA: What are the benefits of your products?

Stradford: Juicing regimens detoxify the bloodstream and benefit the liver. This can promote weight loss as well as improve energy, fitness, and overall health. I use 100% fresh, whole fruits and vegetables.

PA: At Project Azalea, we strive to engage culture, influence greatness, and restore imagination. How do you/JuiceFaqtory embody this philosophy?

Stradford: Well in order to engage culture, we must be authentic and innovative, always bearing fruit and never stagnant. To influence greatness? It is our duty to teal the land we have dominion over and to produce and be fruitful. We directly restore imagination by sparking interest through language by using words such as “Juice Bar” or “urban farming”, I contribute to the cycle of imagination with exposure to new concepts and ways of life.

PA: Are those references Biblical in root?

Stradford: Biblical and Literal. I am a man of strong faith and it has greatly influenced my business and its direction.

PA: What makes JuiceFaqtory unique?

Stradford: JuiceFaqtory’s establishment was all about people. My target consumers are not just minorities. I would like to reach everyone, but if I can’t reach everyone, I would like to reach those that I’ve been around.

PA: What is next for JuiceFaqtory?

Stradford: Right now, I am focused on the juice. I definitely plan to expand and with other products. I would like to be fully accountable for the products’ processing from seed to harvest. My goals are to independently oversee the process from start to finish, to control the farming process and growth of the produce, and sell my products while promoting a lifestyle change.




The objective is to promote not only local businesses and artistry but also positive community events throughout the Gulf Coast area to connect various cultural groups. In addition to keeping our audience up to date on the latest trends from fashion and beauty, to sports and fitness, Project Azalea will also serve as a platform for upcoming local businesses.

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