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A helping hand, listening ear and open arms are sometimes hard to come by, especially at a medical center. However, Victory Health Partners not only provides essential health care needs but also builds lasting relationships with every client through physical, mental and spiritual needs.

Kim Garrett, Development Director of Victory Health Partners, has been greatly involved with the clinic for over three years and attributes much of their success to the clinic’s rich history and faith based services.

“This clinic was started by a mission trip taken overseas by our head doctor and his wife. They felt compelled to bring quality healthcare here to Mobile at an affordable cost,” explained Garrett.

Victory Health Partners caters to the hardworking individuals who are not able to afford monthly health care premiums but still have some source of income to fit their specific lifestyle. One of their goals is to catapult people who just need a little assistance in getting quality healthcare. They are here for everyone between the small business owners to the recent college graduates. In addition to parents who are trying to simply provide for their families.

The major difference with Victory Health Partners is their commitment to overall wellness. Because of their deeply rooted faith, Victory provides counseling and prayer for every client to cater to their spiritual needs. Their approach to health care is to also take care of the mind and soul, along with the body. Having a solid relationship with The Most High supplies supernatural healing and Victory Health Partners plans to restore this spiritual health in conjunction with physical health.

“It has to be complete wellness to achieve complete healthcare,” stated Garrett. “We’ve seen people have eternal healing and those broken relationships restored. To have this different component and to walk with someone on this journey; it’s just the most incredible journey,” added Garrett.

Becoming a patient at Victory is a simple process and they are currently welcoming new patients. With volunteer primary care and OB/GYN doctors from several local hospitals including Providence Hospital to Mobile Infirmary, Victory Health Partners provides health, optical and dental care for those who need quality care at an affordable price. .

One of their biggest accomplishments is when their patients transition from their clinic to being able to afford their own personal health care premiums and prescriptions. They understand the difficulties faced when trying to find quality services when on a strict budget.

“While we’re not the complete answer, we’re certainly striving to be a big part of it,” Garrett stated.

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