1 City, 2 Letters

To the MPD Officer and his family,

I am deeply sorry. Your life has taken a drastic turn in a terrible direction and I would like to be the first to apologize. I understand that before this tragedy, everyday you swore to protect and serve this community. From the homes broken into, domestic issues that needed resolving to maneuvering traffic jams, you were there and excelled in the line of duty.

I have never placed my life on the line for another’s so I will not try to understand your day to day duties. I have never had to diffuse an escalating situation that could take a tragic turn for the worst. I have never protected a community one day and have it turn its back on me the next. A place I once called home and felt safe and secure but now, not sure if I will even be able to return to. I simply can not relate and will not try to.

You may now have to deal with being called a racist, murderer and only God knows what else. . . for the rest of your life. Your normal routine will now be tainted with tension, rage and anger from those around you, I am sorry. I can not comprehend how your life is now going to do a complete turnaround because of what transpired in a few minutes.

Your family will have to pay for your actions. Your children may be taunted, parents criticized and loved ones ridiculed for standing by the side of someone they love and the world now hates, I am sorry.

This entire situation is still fresh on our minds but this racial tension has been boiling for years, you have now entered into it. I am sure if you could have avoided this travesty and its consequences, you would have. If not, we shall soon see.

I can not relate to your life as an officer serving this area or someone who made a harrowing mistake that will taunt them for the rest of their life. However, what I can relate to is loneliness, depression, isolation and betrayal. I can relate to your family members who may mentally lose someone forever. However, my unapologetic relationship with the one true God whose love conquers all of these things and more is something you may be able to relate to. I pray it does.

All of my condolences,

Ashley Mc

To Mike Moore’s Mother,

I am deeply sorry. Your life has taken a drastic turn in a terrible direction and I would like to apologize. I am sure this letter will never touch you how this situation has tragically affected me but I will try with all I have to comfort at this time, my words.

I have never had the blessing of creating, carrying and nurturing a child so I can not relate to what it is like to lose something of that caliber. I am sorry. I can not imagine having dreams, goals and visions for my child just to have them all stripped away because of someone else’s poor decision making. I can not relate to the certainty of a future being dismantled in a few minutes.

I have six nephews I affectionately care for. We have had conversations on what to do if you are ever pulled over or put in a situation they can not handle themselves. They all ask the same question, “TiTi, do we have to talk about this because we are black?” I apologize to them and you. However, we will remain unapologetically black.

Some people think the only way to take an African American male down is with a gun, I am sorry they thought this of your child. His profound character, strong will and unyielding demeanor may have been too much for the weak to handle, I am sorry. I can not make you or your loved ones feel good about this situation. I can not make you understand why your child, on that day. It is truly a tragedy.

However, you are not alone. A community is here to deliver you warmth, nurture and care. A community that will come together to ensure justice, equality and safety for us all. A community that will not rush your mourning period and grieve with you until we see a change. We stand with you. We are Mike Moore.

I can not relate to the hopelessness, confusion and shock when losing a child. I have never lost an immediate loved one, an experience I am sorry you have to endure. However, I can relate to being an educated African American in a racially charged world, like Mike.

There is no way for me to logically fathom this situation. From the outside, it is another police injustice to an unarmed black male. Another reason to riot, boycott and protest our judicial system and law enforcement policies. However, my unapologetic relationship with the one true God whose love conquers all of these things and more is not logical but supernatural.

So, I pray for your family’s peace of mind, that you one day will overcome this travesty.

All of my condolences,

Ashley Mc



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