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Every fall, we run to the newsstands and local stores to grab the latest Holy Grail of fashion, Vogue’s September issue. This year, Kendall Jenner graced the cover in her very first US Vogue cover. From fashion weeks and fashion bloggers to street fashion and everyday fashion, we are submersed in fashion, whether we want to or not. Residing in Mobile, Ala., some may think we are the bottom of the list when it comes to the fashion world, however contrary to popular belief, we are a mecca for fashion.

Every year, Mobile hosts a number of fashion related events, including Mobile Fashion Week, Girls of Fall and The Art of Fashion. Also, with international fashion and lifestyle bloggers and stylists such as Young At Style and Urbane, Mobile caters to every aspect of the fashion realm.

We had the opportunity to speak with some local talent and share some thoughts on fashion in Mobile.

“Fashion for me is comfortable. I believe you should be able to wear whatever you are comfortable with. I feel like sometimes we get too caught up in dress codes and looking “presentable” for certain occasions. When I look at fashion in Mobile, I see a lot of trends. A lot of people are against trending fashion statements because they think everyone is trying to be the same, but that’s how fashion works. There are only a few people in a society that are brave enough to go outside of a trend and be original. A lot of people are afraid of what others think about them to step out of the box. I do see fashion becoming a bigger interest in Mobile; from the different brands being created to the fashion shows. I’m excited to see what comes next.”

-Quinton Miles, MHD Clothing & MHD Supremacy

“Growing into a young woman, I spent time living in various cities that groomed my aesthetic, so my style has always been an artful representation of my mood. As an avid traveler, the influence of other cultures is something that I welcome to shape my perceptions of style and personal branding. As I begin to look around Mobile, more and more people are embracing style in such a way that, depending on the day and where you are, you can’t tell if you’re in Downtown Mobile or Liberty Village in Toronto. Events like Art Walk and Mobile Fashion Week are some of my favorites that bring out the beautiful ones that aren’t afraid to be expressive with their style.”

- Carlisha Hartzog, Urbane and Hartzog Consulting

With the arrival of fall season and fashion, become more involved with your city and you will find hidden gems unheard of. Mobile even houses exceptional fashion brands reflective of our individual style. Always stay true to your personal character and mantra while still highlighting your radiance and uniqueness. Everyday, your style is an outward expression of your inner self.

Who U Rockin Wit?

Girls of Fall

Art of Fashion




The objective is to promote not only local businesses and artistry but also positive community events throughout the Gulf Coast area to connect various cultural groups. In addition to keeping our audience up to date on the latest trends from fashion and beauty, to sports and fitness, Project Azalea will also serve as a platform for upcoming local businesses.

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