People With Purpose 2018 Class

We have intricately selected a diverse group of people including but not limited to entrepreneurs, artists and spiritual leaders to tell their personal accounts of discovering, building and manifesting their talents. We are excited about building a community of purpose driven people who inspire others to live a life of such.

Our PWP 2018 class embodies change, cultivates ideas and exudes excellence. This class is about engaging our communities through our unique differences with the common goal of togetherness. While our individual talents and abilities garner creativity, creating a cohesive atmosphere within this city will ignite a transformation to outside areas.

Help us welcome our 2018 class.


Paul Lockett

President of Mobile Kappa League

As youngest of the camp, Paul does not allow age to define any of his accomplishments. He has been involved with Startup Weekend Mobile for two years and numerous other service organizations. His interests include technology and marketing, more specifically social media marketing. After graduating from Murphy High this May, he plans to study computer science and his biggest fear is debt.

Phil J

Artist/ Foreigner

With inspirations from J. Cole, Fred Hammond and Jon Bellion, to name a few, Phil J, is an all around artists. By crafting his own beats, instrumentals and lyrics, he is known to mix and mingle practically anything to create his music. His style of music has created a new lane of music, Phil J. Lane. Stop by sometime.

SN: His last album cover, Foreigner, was designed by fellow PWP classmate Joannah Seaborn.

Joannah Seaborn

Joannah Seaborn Creatives

Although she works in marketing for Infirmary Health, Joannah has not let her artistic roots depreciate. Marketing her designs to creatives, Joannah has infiltrated her talents in the music and arts industry by catering specifically to creative professionals. She has designed for local phenoms and even gospel singer, Jamie Grace. Joannah is a self declared learner of the arts and is always open to new techniques.

Tim Finnigan

Director of Seymour Sports

With a passion for children, educating students about the media and teaching, Tim is challenging traditional ways of teaching students about the media, television and communications. His remarkable voice and charming character has infiltrated Mobile and surrounding areas. Tim’s daily goals are to unlock the potential in students by helping them realize their gifts, creating programs and bettering pathways for their talents. Also, November 14th is officially Tim Finnigan day in the state of Alabama, so of course he made our list.

Devin Ford

Devin Ford Photography, FOCUS Women’s Conference

Don’t let her small stature fool you, Devin’s persistence and take charge attitude has been felt all along the Gulf Coast. She has also been active in the arts with Devin Ford Photography and her activity in the Mobile Arts Council. After attending conferences while residing in California, Devin decided to create FOCUS, a yearly women’s conference held here in Mobile. Her grit and determination to achieve equality among women and fresh ideas to the area is irreplaceable.

Lorenzo Ferguson


As a personal trainer, part time chef and training coach at Mary G. Montgomery High School, Lorenzo has dedicated his life in assisting people with physical and mental health. His passion for fitness in his personal life has always expanded to the individuals he works with. Creating flavorful meals for any occasion, Lorenzo’s confident personality shines in all of his personal and professional ventures.


Jeff DeQuattro

Director of Restoration at GulfCorps Program Director

With a commanding voice and unforgettable beard, Jeff has made a significant impact along the Gulf Coast, and we mean that quite literally. By developing programs to assist with the restoration and conservation of the coast, Jeff’s passion for this community and its upkeep is greatly appreciated and well noted in our book.

Sheila Bates

Pastor of Dauphin Way Methodist Church

The pumpkin patch on Dauphin Street is a known staple in the community of Mobile; currently, the pastor of Dauphin Way Methodist Church is an African American female. Sheila is one of the few women leading Methodist churches along the southeast region. Her devotion and faith has led her to places all over the world including Thailand, Africa and places Europe. We are just privileged she has landed here in Mobile with her grace, resilience and congeniality.

Elijah Ward

Radical Christian

A former atheist, Elijah now consumes himself in Christ daily. As director of Awakening Evangelism, he promotes his faith in every aspect of his personal and professional life. We initially met Elijah at Anchor Printing Co., where he freely described his faith, passion and pursuit of the kingdom on Earth. His memorable character and wide grin bring an indescribable presence to our list.

Arielle McSwain

Radio Personality

From 93BLX to iHeartMedia’s 107.3 The Beat, Arielle has left her mark in some of Mobile’s hottest radio stations. Arielle hold the position of not only being the voice to the people but a voice of the people. She is easily recognized across the gulf coast and is definitely a refreshing voice to hear coming through our speakers.

Tiffany Buchannon

Vice Principal of Mattie Thomas Blount High School

Tiffany’s passion for education is beyond commendable. She has been the driving force behind many students’ decision to pursue higher education. Ms. Buchannon’s vivid personality and go getter attitude, makes her a favorite among students, but it is her ability and drive to go above and beyond for students that placed her on our list.




The objective is to promote not only local businesses and artistry but also positive community events throughout the Gulf Coast area to connect various cultural groups. In addition to keeping our audience up to date on the latest trends from fashion and beauty, to sports and fitness, Project Azalea will also serve as a platform for upcoming local businesses.

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